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Kategori Movie : Drama , Biography,
Produser Movie : Manoj Punjabi
Sutradara : Hanung Bramantyo
Penulis Cerita : Gina S. Noer, Hanung Bramantyo
Produksi  : MD Pictures
Info :
Rating : 8.5/10 Imdb Sinopsis : Film Indonesia Rudy Habibie (2016) (Sumber :

Sinopsis :

A tale of youthful visionary: RUDY HABIBIE before she was known as a technocrat and the president of the Republic of Indonesia All 3: BJ. Habibie.
Rudy was eager to make the plane to meet the deceased Papinya message: "to spring", to be useful to people. But beyond just the current make sacrifices his family because he had studied at the RWTH Aachen, West Germany. Rudy lived there under limited conditions, longing for home, and learn about the meaning of friendship, love, betrayal also with students who are new Indonesian her there.
Action: Film Indonesia Rudy Habibie (2016)
Permatasari So beautiful Princess Solo in Rudy Habibie - 27 Jun, 2016
Reza Rahadian Back played B.J. Tip Top Habibie mother - 06 Feb, 2016

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